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Acupressure – The Power of Touch

One of the most fundamental ways we show care, love, and healing is through touch. When a part of us is hurting we apply touch to bring attention to the areas such as when we bump our arm we automatically apply gentle pressure to the area to protect it and stimulate healing.

Acupressure is a form of touch therapy that has probably been around since the beginning of humanity. It is an ancient form of care that when practiced regularly can bring wonderful results.

It is also a form of Energy Healing, as the same points that are addressed with Acupuncture are used with Acupressure. Instead of needles being used, the practitioner applies pressure with their hands or fingertips.

You can experience Acupressure from a trained Bodyworker, or learn how to apply it to yourself, or your loved ones. This is a great book to get you started learning some of “Acupressure’s Potent Points.” It is written by Michael Reed Gach, who founded the Acupressure Institute in California.

There are virtually hundreds of ways Acupressure may help you. Here are a few areas it may help you:

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Worry
  • Emotional Balancing
  • Spiritual Alignment
  • Prevention of Disease

While there are specific points to address to balance your mind, body, and spirit, try experimenting Intuitively with listening to yourself while trying these steps:

1.       Lie down on your back while taking slow, steady breaths in and out.

2.       Place a pillow under your knees if your back needs support.

3.       Let the tension melt in to the earth.

4.       How does your body feel?

5.       Where do you feel stress, tension, or fatigue?

6.       Place a hand on this part of your body.

7.       Find the area that needs attention and hold the palm of your hand or the tips of your fingers in to this area.

8.       Gently press into the muscles or tendons (being careful not to press too firmly directly on joints)

9.      Let the rest of your body relax.

10.   Hold this spot for 30 seconds  to 1 -2 minutes or more with steady or circular pressure.

11.   Let the tension melt away.

12.   Repeat this process until your mind and body settle.

If this sounds simple – it is! With time you may wish to explore and learn the various points, but don’t underestimate the power of listening to your body speaking to you.

Perhaps treat yourself to an Acupressure session for positive, clearing, and balancing energy. Contact me to set up an appointment. Emmy Vadnais, Holistic Occupational Therapist & Intuitive Healer [email protected] 651-292-9938

*These services are intended to add to your health care and not replace other beneficial approaches. Please consult with your primary health care provider.

Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L has over 20 years experience providing Holistic, Integrative Health, Wellness and Prevention Care in a variety of settings. She is a Holistic Occupational Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Health Coach, teacher, consultant, and writer. She provides holistic and integrative healthcare and intuitive development education to healthcare practitioners and organizations. She is the founder of the Holistic OT Community and is in private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is available for individual sessions, tutoring, classes, and consulting. She can be contacted at [email protected]. Visit her websites at and

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