Emmy offers classes to anyone seeking to develop their intuition. 

Go here to learn more about Intuitive Development Classes.

Emmy also provide continuing education classes on topics related to holistic and integrative health and wellness care.

Go here to learn more about continuing education classes for health care professionals.

You can also visit the Emmy Vadnais Youtube Channel here for free meditations and holistic mind, body, spirit tips. Check out the Intuitive Development and Meditations Playlists.

These videos are useful to:

  • relieve stress
  • relax the mind and body
  • learn holistic healing methods
  • develop your intuition.
  • improve relationships with yourself and others
  • develop your spirituality
  • quiet the mind for restful sleep
  • make healthier choices in your life
  • improve overall health and wellness
  • prevent illness and disease
  • live with more joy, peace, and love

Do you have a group who would like to learn from Emmy? Contact Emmy.



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