Would you like to learn how to listen to and trust your Intuition?

Here are several ways…

Intuitive Connections

Intuitive Connections is a community where you are supported and nurtured to access, trust, and listen to the profound potential of your intuition––your inner wisdom––that can guide you in all areas of your life.

Learn to strengthen your intuition for the best insight, decision-making, and guidance in areas including navigating relationships, optimizing health and wellness, and deepening spirituality. Experience living with more fulfilling meaning and purpose.

Overcome barriers and obstacles that have been in your way. Manifest your dreams that are in alignment with your soul. Create the life you want to live with more love, joy, and peace.

As a member of the Intuitive Connections community, you will receive support from Emmy Vadnais with:

  • Personalized Intuitive Group Coaching
    Immerse yourself in a supportive community that goes beyond the ordinary. Our monthly Intuition Connections Membership includes exclusive Intuitive Group Coaching sessions where you’ll receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique journey. Experience transformation with guided meditations.
  • The Power of Knowledge 
    Discounts on Intuition and Holistic Healing Classes and Event
    Enjoy significant discounts on upcoming intuition and holistic healing classes. Immerse yourself in a world of wisdom, learning techniques and practices that enhance your intuitive abilities, and elevate your overall well-being.
  • Individual Coaching Session Discounts
    As a member, you’ll have access to special discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions with Emmy Vadnais. Experience personalized attention, dive deep into your unique challenges, and receive expert guidance to navigate your life’s path with confidence.
  • Community Connection
    Connect with a like-minded community on a shared quest for growth and self-discovery. Engage in discussions, share insights, and build lasting connections with individuals who understand and support your journey in a caring environment.
  • Exclusive Content
    Receive regular content and newsletters packed with tips, exercises, and real-life success stories to keep you inspired and motivated on your intuitive journey.

Join us on this enchanting voyage towards a life filled with boundless love, joy, and peace. Sign up today and embark on an exploration of self-discovery and empowerment, shaping the life you’ve always dreamed of with newfound intuition mastery. Immerse yourself in the empowering embrace of our Intuitive Connections community where you’ll be nurtured and guided to unlock your inner knowing through a journey to your heart and soul.

Intuitive Coaching session with Emmy

Intuitive Development Class

Read Emmy’s new book, Intuitive Development: How to Trust Your Inner Knowing for Guidance with Relationships, Health, and Spirituality

  • Receive active support while you are seeking answers to your questions, desiring healing, or are seeking a deep and fulfilling connection.
  • You will be guided to strengthen your Spiritual connection & inner peace.
  • Tap in to the inner peace, wisdom and inner knowledge within yourself.
  • You will be guided to connect with your Inner Wisdom or Intuition where all of the answers you’re looking for will be found.
  • Symbolic cards, Tarot Cards or the I Ching may be used to connect to and strengthen your Intuition.
  • Connect more deeply with your Spirituality or have a more personal connection with your God or Higher Power?
  • Be inspired and find comfort in being fully self-expressed from your divine within.
  • Experience more faith and more meaning and purpose in life.

“Connecting with your intuition may be like inviting this loving and full-of-light part of yourself to emerge and come forward—a built-in, unbiased friend who gives the best advice.” – Emmy Vadnais