“Emmy, and the material she presented, has opened and broadened my mind and facilitated some deep inner healing. I have grown more personally and professionally in the last two years than I did during my graduate studies. The hands on application and experience of this (Holistic Healing) certificate program was a perfect fit for my learning style.” Jill Tessman, MSW, LICSW

“The Power of the Mind in Healing class with Emmy should be required in all OT schools! This class addresses what I believe should be the foundation for all OT sessions and will help me provide a whole new level of healing for my clients. In addition, it provided me with new tools that I will be able to use in my daily life for balance, enhanced spirituality, and stress reduction. I loved it!!” Kari Schmitz, CHHC, OTR/L

“The Power of the Mind in Healing class provides foundational information related to relaxation, meditation, intuition, and spirituality. Mind-Body connection is so important to our well being! Thank you, Emmy, for sharing all of your knowledge and experience!” Amanda Block, OTR/L

“I booked her online and didn’t know exactly what I was going to get. Emmy was wonderful and incorporated all the elements I requested (including energy healing and body work). She made it really easy to open up and feel comfortable. Her intuition was spot on. I let her guide me through the session and got everything I’d hoped for and more. The experience was fantastic. For anyone seeking this kind of work, I would absolutely recommend her. I have already scheduled two more sessions with her and encouraged my wife to schedule a session as well.” – Jeff

“Emmy, I just wanted to tell you how instrumental you were for me regaining my mental health. I think invaluable is the right word. Much love, Justin”

“Emmy’s many gifts and talents as a holistic healer have been of tremendous benefit to me over the past nine months as I have been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. From the first of two surgeries, through months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Emmy has assisted me beautifully with every issue and side effect that has arisen. Thanks to her help, I was able to deal with and overcome extreme anxiety, major medication and treatment side effects, and all of the diverse challenges presented by the diagnosis of a life-threatening condition. Her experience and expertise allowed me to stay confident, comfortable and hopeful. In addition, her superb spiritual insight and guidance boosted the effectiveness of the many emotional support, bodywork and hands-on healing techniques in which Emmy is proficient. I could not have successfully made it through these challenging months and beyond without her kind, compassionate and loving treatments. I highly recommend Emmy’s services and send her a million thank-yous from the bottom of my heart!!!” – Suzanne

“As a holistic health care provider with 20 years of experience, I’ve seen a lot and done a lot. When Emmy asked if I would try the Emotional Freedom Technique on one of my own issues to see what I thought of it, I agreed but didn’t expect too much. Since it is composed of several elements I’m already familiar with, I didn’t think it would be any better or different than what I already know. Much to my surprise, I experienced positive results in just one visit!  Experiencing a session is kinda fun as Emmy will customize the method in a simple, yet very effective way to zero in on whatever issue you may be struggling with. It’s worth a try for your stubborn problem too!” – Dr. Jim

“Emmy is a true partner in the healing process. Her strong intuitive guidance helped me approach a major life decision with clarity and strength. I am so grateful for her support and healing presence in my life.” – Camille

“I learned in the Intuitive Development Class that I was unknowingly pushing myself in meditation. Prior to class I had the belief that one needed to be in a certain frame of mind, a certain space, and allocate unlimited time to meditation. Because I could not get every element that I thought was required perfect, I simply would not do it. When I did try to meditate, I could not stop the thoughts from coming into my meditation space. That would lead to frustration and I would stop trying. The class taught me that perfection in meditation is something that takes dedicated individuals year to achieve. Far be it for me to think that I can get everything right. The class taught me that the ‘noise’ of thoughts are normal. I learned how to deal with them or embrace them if needed. It took a lot of pressure off. I don’t need to be concerned with executing the meditation ‘properly’ in order to experience benefit. As a result, my meditation has improved and I feel I get more from it.”    – Shannon

“Amazing! Emmy is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and open. I would highly recommend her services if you are working towards a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and others as part of a larger journey of gaining inner peace.” – Chris

“Absolute Serenity! Emmy made me feel so relaxed and able to open up! The space that she uses for sessions is calm and aesthetically-pleasing, which I felt added to the serene experience. She has a great energy — again, just very calm and pleasant 🙂 She seems very knowledgeable about everything within her field. I know I made the right choice, and I am already signed up to go back for another session as soon as possible!” – Megan

“Emmy is a well-educated, highly skilled and a very effective clinician with all of the services she offers. Very personable, she will do her utmost to assist you in your process for maximum results in the shortest time possible. I have relied on Emmy’s skills many times and am always amazed at her abilities and satisfied with my results!” – Jim

“Emmy has helped me through a number of challenging periods in my life. She has a wonderful ability to not only help with your immediate need, but also to intuitively, empathetically provide support on alternate levels – with a level of comprehension and compassion that is extremely rare. Emmy also has a truly unique ability to crystallize and provide insight into various life circumstances that I have not found with any other person. She provides “a-ha” moments that have immediately led me to a greater self-understanding that is invaluable. Emmy brings a quality of peace, serenity and brightness to any situation that is extremely exceptional. I feel extremely lucky to have met someone as gifted and talented as she is, and would wholeheartedly recommend her and her services – regardless of the type of help needed – in any situation.” – Elizabeth

“Emmy places your needs first, works with integrity and is always looking into ways to improve her self and her service. Her honesty, openness, sincerity will assist you toward self acceptance and inner peace.” Peace Within, Betty

“Choosing a holistic practitioner can be an intimidating and daunting task. How does one sort through the myriad of services, practitioners, costs and locations? With Emmy Vadnais all of these concerns can be addressed. Emmy is multi-talented and educated in many modalities from hands-on, to remote healing work. I found Emmy Vadnais to be the perfect gift to myself at a time when I was not sure what I needed. Working with Emmy has been beneficial in ways I did not expect- her intuitive and compassionate nature allowed me to feel safe and open in our conversations which then led to a holistic care plan. Emmy’s training and practical experience are invaluable. I would highly recommend this empathic and wise woman for yourself, or if you want to give the very special gift of healing and well-being to a friend.” – Beth

“Emmy is an innovative practitioner, a careful listener, and a gifted healer.  She draws upon her diverse areas of training and study, providing services that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs. My sessions with Emmy have offered me physical and mental clarity, as well as good ideas and practices I can use long after I have left her office. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve health, increase energy, or simply gain greater insight into the sometimes-challenging process of being human.” – Kristin

“Emmy was delightful! She has lots of talents – as healer, OT and just delightful person which makes her so apt when you consult with her. She is worth every cent you give her and then some. Holistic healing is the future focus of health care so give Emmy a listen and you will be pleased, believe me.” – Virginia