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Holistic Health and Wellness Care

What Health Goals Would You Like to Achieve?

“See it, Believe it, Achieve it!”

A Personal Heath & Wellness Plan will be created for you with the following services to help you reach your goals:

  • Achieve your Dreams, Goals, Vision, Life Purpose
  • Feel More Joy & Peace
  • Lower Stress & Anxiety
  • Resolve Depression
  • Lower Physical & Emotional Pain
  • Get to the Core of What is Holding you Back
  • Restore and Balance Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Love and Accept Yourself
  • Increase Self-Compassion
  • Forgive Self and Others
  • Have More Loving Relationships
  • Create the Life You Want to Live
  • Experience positive benefits and long-lasting results with a plan created for you.

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Health & Wellness Care that may support you:

Intuition / Imagery / Hypnotherapy

  • Imagery, Relaxation, and Meditation counteract negative stress, moods, and damaging biochemicals that cause physical, mental, and emotional illness.
  • This allows you to tap in to the inner peace, wisdom and inner knowledge within yourself.
  • You will be guided in to a relaxed, meditative state that is key in healing is facilitated where you are always in control.
  • You will be guided to connect with your Intuition where all of the answers you’re looking for will be found.
  • This is a form of Hypnosis that allows you to connect with your Intuition; your own inner wisdom.
  • This will assist you with making good choices, stress relief, pain reduction, releasing unwanted habits, overcoming obstacles, improved confidence & performance, stronger Spiritual connection, and realizing your goals.
  • Symbolic cards, Tarot Cards or the I Ching may be used to connect to and strengthen your Intuition.
  • Connection to a passed loved one can be facilitated to ease grief and increase peace and joy.

Spiritual Healing

  • Would you like to connect more deeply with your Spirituality?
  • Would you like to find a connection and faith to more meaning and purpose in life?
  • Be inspired and find comfort in being able to be fully self-expressed from your divine within.
  • Perhaps you are searching for a connection, but are not sure what it is.
  • Or perhaps you are questioning your Faith.
  • Receive active support while you are seeking answers to your questions, desiring healing, or are seeking a deep and fulfilling connection.
  • You will be guided to strengthen your Spiritual connection & inner peace.
  • Emmy is an Ordained Minister through The Universal Life Church. She will work within your faith and belief system.

Energy Healing

  • Energy runs through and around our body and is a virtual blueprint of our being. It can affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself.
  • Our energy can become depleted, blocked or even excessive due to many aspects of our lives: family lineage/DNA, what we eat, our thoughts, emotions, belief patterns, the environment, relationships to ourselves/others, our higher power, and how much or little we “do” in a day.
  • Your Chakras (main energy centers), Meridians (energy channels), and Aura (energetic field) can affect your overall health.
  • Your Energy will be assessed, connected, and balanced to positively affect your physical body, emotional, spiritual self, and your overall health and well-being.
  • Insights and Intuitive messages come forward to assist you with your situation, and how best to proceed. You may receive messages from loved ones of healing and validation of their loving presence.

Bodywork/Manual Therapy

  • Acupressure, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, and/or Myofascial Release may be incorporated in to your healing session.
  • As the body is inextricably connected to the mind, positively relaxing the body and opening energy channels will benefit body and the mind.
  • Specific potent points and areas of your body will be addressed to assist to calm the nervous system and relax the mind.
  • Decreasing body and mind tension will open the flow of your energetic system allowing your whole being to realign to health and wellness.

Healing Emotions/Thought Patterns/Beliefs

  • Mindful, loving, and accepting approaches will be utilized to heal emotional wounds, limiting thoughts, and beliefs.
  • Emotions are a part of being human, but can create limiting patterns within us.
  • It is well accepted that our emotional health affects our physical and mental health.
  • Emotions, memories, body tension, and pain are often connected.
  • The Emotional Clearing Process may be utilized where you will be guided to connect to your body, energy, and spirit to release stored tension, patterns, and energy within you in a supportive and caring way. Mindfulness is used to witness and observe what is happening to transform stored or stuck energy with new insights unfolding. This is like a guided Vipassana Meditation or Kriya Yoga.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) may be used where tapping on acupressure points in a systematic way while accepting yourself with love assists to clear blocks and beliefs
  • Guided Imagery, Dream therapy, or Past life regression may be utilized, or may occur spontaneously for further insight and  to release patterns that may be affecting you.

Relaxation & Meditation

  • Relieve stress, tension, pain, & anxiety.
  • Meditation is foundational to cultivate inner peace.
  • Relaxation is key in healing as it counteracts negative stress, moods and damaging biochemicals that can lead to dis-ease.
  • As you relax you will experience less pain, discomfort, body tension, and worry, and will open to a fresh perspective.
  • There are many forms of meditation. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your life, balance your Energy, develop your Intuition, or strengthen your Spirituality.

Art Therapy

  • Art Therapy has been developed in the fields of art and psychotherapy.
  • Art can be a way of expressing what may be held inside of you. It can be an outer reflection of your inner world.
  • Images go beyond verbal language. The meanings and interpretations of the images can provide insight and understanding as to what may be occurring for you.
  • It can be used as a form of healing and helping you cope with or recover from challenges.
  • It can be a means of self-expression, exploration, and transformation.
  • It can help you to manifest and create what you want in your life.

Past Life & Regression Therapy

  • Going back to a place in time may be helpful to release stuck tension from the body and the mind.
  • Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery will be used to safely allow you to recall a time in your life or a previous life.
  • Mindfulness – the part of you that compassionately observes yourself, others, and situations, will be cultivated so you can gain insight and in to the situation from a new perspective while releasing old hurts.
  • None of us can verify for sure if past-lives are real. However, there is a fair amount of evidence for it. Either way, one does not need to ‘believe’ in past-lives for this therapy to be effective.


Children can benefit from all of the Holistic Healing, Spiritual, and Intuitive Development services offered by Emmy. Children are learning and discovering the world all around them. They are sensitive to their surroundings and are learning how best to be and interact with others. They can be like sponges and sometimes absorb the distress around them. Core beliefs of how we navigate the world often develop in childhood. Learning natural, healthy, and holistic ways to be with themselves and the world can help them for a life time. Here are a few ways they can be helped:

  • Lower stress
  • Ease sleep
  • How to release negative emotions
  • How to be kind to themselves and others
  • Help sensitive children to navigate their gifts and abilities
  • Lower physical pain or discomfort
  • Learn healthy techniques and practices that can help them as they grow and for a life time

Contact Emmy for specific questions you have about how you or your child may be helped.

Stay Well, Recover from Illness, and Prevent Illness

Be Compassionately Guided to Reach your Goals Naturally

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Pain – Physical & Emotional, Grief, Depression,
and Other Manifestations of the Human Condition

Tap in to your own Healing Power & Inner Wisdom to Overcome Challenges for a Lifetime

Connect with the Divine Within and Strengthen Your Spirituality, Meaning & Purpose

Understand, Love, and Accept Yourself

Create more Peace, Joy & Happiness

Please consult with your primary health care provider as these services are
intended to add to your health care and not replace other beneficial approaches.
Recommendations may be made for other care providers to assist you.