Spirituality & Intuition

Be inspired and find comfort in being fully self-expressed from your divine within.

Would you like to connect more deeply with your Spirituality or have a more personal connection with your God or Higher Power?

Would you like to learn how to listen to and and trust yourself and your Intuition?

Would you like to find a connection, faith, and more meaning and purpose in life?

  • Receive active support while you are seeking answers to your questions, desiring healing, or are seeking a deep and fulfilling connection.
  • You will be guided to strengthen your Spiritual connection & inner peace.
  • Tap in to the inner peace, wisdom and inner knowledge within yourself.
  • You will be guided to connect with your Inner Wisdom or Intuition where all of the answers you’re looking for will be found.
  • Symbolic cards, Tarot Cards or the I Ching may be used to connect to and strengthen your Intuition.
  • Emmy is an Ordained Minister through The Universal Life Church. She will work within your faith and belief system.

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